Innovation has become a major buzzword of our time, all organisations want to become more innovative: higher business growth, better efficiencies, a more engaged work force are just some of the benefits of becoming an “Innovative Business."

A prerequisite of launching an effective innovation programme is the investment in the training of your staff.

Our innovation training delivers many benefits

  • Promotes fresh thinking in employees
  • Builds your organisations ability to be creative
  • Drives a higher level of innovation awareness

  • Help shape your organisations innovation strategy
  • Creates self-sustained innovation momentum
  • Shows commitment from Top Management

Launching an innovation training 
programme can be daunting

The return on investment of training your staff in innovation will dwarf the benefit any other soft skill set.

Our suite of Digital Learning Courses covers all aspects of innovation and are designed to ensure that employees not only understand the fundamentals of innovation, but also equip them with the necessary skill sets to ensure you innovation programme is a success.

Our Foundations Module is available to all employees and builds a good general awareness of innovation, and our 4 masterclasses are aimed at employees who will be taking on responsibility for implementing and driving the organisation’s innovation programme.