Excellence in Innovation

Corporate innovation is becoming mainstream. It is now seen as a strategic imperative for many companies. Organisations that embrace innovation experience higher revenue growth, better organisation efficiencies and higher employee engagement and loyalty.

Yet despite these obvious benefits many companies struggle with innovation. The UK in particular lags well behind its European neighbours in innovation rankings

At Innovate XL we have all of the tools and expertise to help you design and implement your innovation strategy. Using our unique methodologies and framework we will work with your management team to devise a comprehensive strategy and road map that will lead to your company becoming truly innovative

Our framework and methodology is underpinned by the EFQM Quality Foundation and leads to a formal EFQM Excellence in Innovation accreditation. This accreditation is also fully aligned to the new ISO 50501 Innovation Standard. This certification will demonstrate your company’s commitment to innovation.

Excellence in Innovation manifests itself through the integrated performance of a number of factors.

  • It focuses on meeting customer expectation through a clear understanding of what your customers want, and develop innovative solutions to meet those needs.
  • It balances ambition to execute and implement new ideas with the patience that is required to successfully innovate.
  • It recognizes the need to collaborate and have an open mind set coupled with the appetite to take measurer risks.

Importantly it also emphasises the need for sustainability which requires innovation processes to be embedded within an organisation and the need to for clearly defined measures of innovation.

Finally excellence in innovation requires organisations to set aside time and budget to innovate and have a set of values that nurture and promote innovation.